Up and Coming Appearances

I’ll keep this page up to date with places I will be appearing in the future.

June 24-26, 2014 I’ll be signing copies of my new non-fiction, tech/geek book Learning MCollective at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference. Exact timing of the signing is TBD, I’ll update when I know more.

July 3-6, 2014 I hope to attend Westercon 67: Trailblazers to the Future in Salt Lake City, UT.

August 14-18, 2014 I’m confirmed to attend Loncon 3: the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention in London.

September 15-17, 2014 I may be signing copies of an unannounced book at Velocity New York 2014 in New York.

September 20-24, 2014 I’m confirmed to be at Puppetconf 2014: The IT Automation Event of the Year in San Francisco. I expect to be signing a book that is currently unannounced.

September 26-28, 2014 I hope to show up at Convolution 2014: Halfway Home in San Francisco, CA but this may be limited due to overbooked schedule.

As you can see this fall will be quite, quite busy. I’m not ready to think about 2015 yet although I’m sure I’ll be forced to do that soon.